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Delight was launched by Will Shorrocks and Daniel Shaw in the summer of 2014 while holidaying with friends and family in the Cote d'Azure. Brought together by their combined experience of over forty years working on both sides of the agency / client fence. Their vision is born out of their own interests, passion, and experience working with lifestyle brands. The name Delight came from a firm belief that brands operating within lifestyle sectors need to communicate by engaging their audiences with a strong emotional message. Creating moments that target the customer's aspirations, behaviour and the broader context of their interests. This is underpinned by a strong strategic approach that starts with a solid understanding of a brand's core values to inform a unique message, style and execution.

Daniel Shaw - founder director travel food fashion living

Daniel Shaw
Managing Director

Daniel comes from the agency domain – having worked within design and brand agencies for more than twenty years, running his own agency since the age of 30. Travel and food have always been a key part of his life from an early age, venturing to parts of the world rarely travelled. A passion which continued into his working life with longstanding relationships with food and travel brands such as Hazlitt’s Hotels and Sunborn International. He even carries his own chef's knife, herbs and spices with him whenever he goes on holiday.


He takes his time to understand your product and the people behind it.
Caroline Conaty Chief Executive at Hazlitt’s Ltd
Will Shorrocks - founder director travel food fashion living

Will Shorrocks
Creative Director

Will’s background is from the client environment with over twenty years experience working for and within global lifestyle brands on brand direction, strategy and design. His love of fashion is born out not only by his wardrobe but in his knowledge and experience of working on global brands such as Lacoste, Speedo, Berghaus and Ted Baker. While his passion for travel and food blossomed in his early years living in Japan, it has continued to grow into a life long obsession.


He challenges you to think beyond the future while at the same time delivering on cue
Iain Ainsworth Founder of White Line Hotels


Delight has given them an amazing opportunity to work within the sectors they both love, using a strategic process they have a commitment to, with businesses and clients they have an excitement for. With a network of leading stylists, photographers, film makers, printers and developers which gives them the versatility to offer their clients a complete 360° service from strategic concept, through realisation of assets, to brand implementation.


Brand Strategy
Brand Direction
Brand Identity


Art Direction
Film & Moving Image
Web & Digital


Social Media
Strut and Fibre - premium online digital printers

Strut and Fibre

Not many brand agencies put their money where their mouth is, but after two years in operation Delight did just that. Creating their own brand and business – Strut and Fibre, a premium online business card print service. Following the same strategic process as with any client to launch a brand which has had immediate traction with a growing engaged audience. The work of running a business has only just begun but the foundation of a solid brand blueprint has given them a great start.